Excessive monthly costs?

Active cost optimisation pays off

Active cost optimisation

Housing is rapidly becoming more expensive. The monthly charges almost feel like a small rent in itself. Good to know that in almost every HOA thousands of Euros can easily be saved!

Many owners rightly complain about too high and rapidly rising monthly charges. Some of these increases are due to normal inflation: Craftsmen become more expensive, taxes & charges increase. Nevertheless there are plenty of possibilities to save costs as well.

All too often property managers limit themselves to correct bookkeeping & respond in a purely reactive manner to incidents. There's no time to work proactively or even optimise cost structures.

We've recognised the problem and are launching a new service that helps both property managers and HOAs: Active cost optimisation.

Obtaining multiple offers and comparing prices between dozens of suppliers is time consuming. Our specialists, on the other hand, as they do it on a daily basis, can do it faster & better.

Typical culprits are electricity, gas, building insurance, elevator maintenance, winter service, etc. Contracts that usually run on autopilot. The savings potential however, amounts to thousands of Euros.

So how does it work? Contact us & send us the budget plan and consumption metrics. We'll check and offer concrete measures to reduce costs. The service is risk-free and non-binding. We participate only on realised savings: We charge 50% of the yearly savings, just once.

A fair deal: No Gain – No Pain. It doesn't cost anything, if it doesn't move the needle.

We have looked at numerous budget plans and found that up to 12,000 Euros per year can be saved. A typical HOA with 25 units (annual budget of approx. 100,000 Euros) can save between 3,000 and 5,000 Euros.

Interested? Contact us now.

New in the HBL-PRO subscription service:

  • We monitor your contract notice periods so that you never miss one again.
  • We perform a yearly check-up for better offers.

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