E‑mail or WhatsApp?

How to set up private & secure communication in your building


Data privacy has been a hot topic for property managers and consumers long before May 25th (GDPR). However, even today, a large number of communities in buildings still rely on WhatsApp, Facebook groups or even e‑mail lists.


Did you know that WhatsAppTM is not GDPR-compliant? The app requires full access on your entire contacts list and holds your data in the USA. Data privacy issues at Facebook need no introduction as they have been broadly covered in the media ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke.

Most Property managers are actually reluctant to engage on WhatsApp or Facebook. Simply because it holds too much clutter from their perspective. Posts on cats gone astray or BBQ announcements are simply irrelevant to property managers. It needlessly eats away their attention span.

E‑mail lists

The good old e‑mail also has it problems. The list is hardly ever up to date nor complete. It is often forgotten that e‑mail, although it's so present in our daily communication, carries substantial privacy risks. E‑mail encryption is more the exception than the rule and often group e‑mails are sent with all addresses visible to all participants.


HomeBeat.Live offers a more contemporary and safer solution: Personal user data on the platform is hidden by default. Every user registers individually and has complete control over his privacy settings. Information and documents shared over the platform are encrypted during transfer and stored in Germany. HomeBeat.Live applies TLS (Transport Security Layer), the most secure form of SSL (Secure Socket Layer), including an up-to-date security-certificate.

The PRO version offers additional features such as a rights based document management. With a few clicks, access and visibility towards specific user groups such as owners and tenants can be administered.

Simply try it out. We're glad to assist in case you have questions or require support. Simply reach out to our support team.

HomeBeat.Live is the digital platform for apartment buildings. It enables vibrant communities and 24/7 access to information & services. For the first time, individuals are empowered to drive this long overdue innovation themselves. Register your home building on HomeBeat.Live today, it’s free.

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