Background knowledge to ensure safe operations


Without elevators convenient and safe access to apartments in high-rise buildings would hardly be possible. Especially for the elderly and people dependent on wheelchairs they are essential for their mobility. Despite high safety standards applied to elevator operations, it occasionally happens that elevators are out of service due to defects or worse, people get trapped inside.

Check maintenance status

Today, yearly inspections are mandatory by law. However in some buildings maintenance is still irregular which increases the risk for defects significantly and with it the likelihood for longer out-of-service periods. As a resident, keep an eye on the inspection mark in the carriage. If expired, report it to the property manager without delay.

How to report an elevator malfunction

Every elevator has a unique ID, which you can make easily available along with the contact details of the manufacturer / service provider in the "General information" area on the HomeBeat.Live platform.
When out of service, it's often not clear whether the property manager has been informed or not. Instead of sticking paper posts onto the elevator, reporting an incident over HomeBeat.Live is far more practical. The property manager as well as all residents are informed simultaneously. The repair status and potential delays are equally fully transparent to all stakeholders.

What to do when stuck in the elevator

It's a real-life horror scenario: being stuck in an elevator. Half an hour feels like an eternity. If it does happen to you, stay calm. Air supply is guaranteed through multiple vents. At no point should you try to get out of the elevator on your own. You will likely hurt yourself in the process.
Every elevator must be equipped with an emergency system, connected to a permanently available operator. Important! In most cases elevators have a maintenance contractor who will send a technician asap. It there isn't such a contractor, the fire department must be called which can result in a hefty invoice.

Facts and figures

It might sound strange but the highest number of accidents with elevators occur when entering or leaving the carriage. For instance when the carriage doesn't fully align with the floor level, there's a high risk for accidents. Especially elderly people or when distracted by smartphones & in a rush, these situations can easily result in injuries.

Despite the high safety standards, the numbers are still staggering: Inspectors of TÜV Rheinland in Germany had to temporarily close down over 1.965 elevators in 2017 due to severe defects.

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