Emergency plan

Don’t leave your response to emergencies up to improvisation

Are you prepared?

We all know that fires, major water leaks, and other emergencies do happen. It’s just that we never really consider them happening to ourselves.

Sounds familiar? To minimise the impact of any such event, it’s best to be prepared. Next to the arrangements imposed by law, you can use HomeBeat.Live to

  1. make emergency procedures easily accessible to everyone and
  2. use the Emergency Alert Function to quickly inform everyone impacted

5 Tips:

Know Your Building

When disaster strikes, it’s important to know the structure of your building. In an emergency situation, this can drastically change the outcome. Know where the building’s fire extinguishers are, where and how to set off the alarm. Find out where the main water valves of the building are located. Be aware of emergency exit locations.

Create a Plan

It’s always a good idea to have an emergency plan for your building. Leaving things to improvisation under stress is never a good thing. Think of different scenarios like fire, a major water leak or natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, etc.). Create simple action plans and make those centrally available.

  1. Under the „General information“ button (on the home screen of the HomeBeat.Live app) useful contact details such as fire department, police and ambulances should be stored.
  2. With HomeBeat.Live PRO you can also set up a central document repository accessible to all with detailed instructions.

If there isn’t a plan already in place, involve your property manager. But remember, for something as important as the safety of your family or the protection of your home, don’t rely on others to take their responsibility. Take the initiative yourself if need be.

Keep Your Plan Updated

Having an emergency plan will go a long way, but for these plans to remain effective, they’ll need to be reviewed and updated regularly.

We recommend emergency plans be reviewed on an annual basis. Make sure that these plans are stored centrally and available to everyone so they can easily be updated to reflect changes. The Christmas period, where we focus on quality time with our families, is typically a good moment to remind people about safety measures.

Stay Calm

Knowing you are prepared is on itself already a major step to help you remain calm in an emergency situation. The ablilty to act quickly and structured can have a major impact on protecting your family and your home. Know where you can access critical information rapidly, as time is of utmost importance in most cases.

Better safe than sorry

Make sure that all technical systems are functioning according to standards and requirements. Actively check with your property manager.

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Content source: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/firefighter-fire-smoke-cinemagraphs-7818/
(Qamar Iqbal – Free for commercial use – No attribution required)