House rules

What it covers and how to implement it effectively

Without a certain set of basic rules, living in apartment buildings is simply impossible. A balanced house community can only succeed when residents treat each other and their surroundings with respect.

House rules play a central role in managing multi-family properties. New neighbours often cause stress when these rules are, even unintentionally, not abided to. Avoid tensions between neighbours by clearly communicating house rules. You can easily keep them updated and centrally avaialbe over the HomeBeat.Live platform.

These topics should be covered:

  • Security

    List when doors and entrances should be locked. Clearly point out escape-routes as these need to remain hurdle-free at all times. Outline how to respond to incidents and emergencies.

  • Cleanliness

    Make the cleaning roster centrally available. Inform the house community on how to deal with garbage. Advise on how sorting works, how chemical materials and larger objects can be disposed of in an orderly fashion.

  • Noise

    Make clear no-noise arrangements. At what time can musical instuments be played and by what time should parties turn the volume down?

  • Ventillation

    Regular ventillation is mandatory during all times of year to prevent builds of smells and even worse fungus. Provide practical advise on how to ventillate properly.

  • Common areas

    Make clear what is OK and what is not tolerated in common areas. Changing oil on cars and other repairs are normaly prohibited. Vehicles may only be parked in designated areas.

  • Pets

    A frequent source of conflict: dogs and cats with careless supervision! Usually there are restrictions on keeping pets in apartment buildings. Make these clearly visible to current and future residents to avoid stress.

House rules should be discussed and reviewed regularly. HomeBeat.Live provides a convenient platform to openly discuss and communicate these on an ongoing basis.

Whenever there are issues, the property manager can easily be reached and involved over the platform.

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