Water damage

How to prepare for broken water pipes

Broken water pipes are the most frequent form of water damage and often comes with considerable financial impact.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, you probably know someone who has experienced it first hand. A big water stain is growing fast on the ceiling or there’s centimeters of water across the apartment floor. Water damage is the undisputed most costly form of damage known to insurers and at the root of expensive premiums.

Water damage affects old buildings and new constructions alike. In aging buildings, corrosion can be at the source. In new buildings simple installation errors can cause immense havoc. For instance, non-supporting walls are usually made out of plasterboards which litterally suck up water and fall apart. In old buildings wooden beams and ceilings can get badly damaged. Water ultimately always finds its way.

Keep the extent of damage at bay with HomeBeat.Live, its implementation is often even rewarded by insurers!

5 practical tips:

  1. Create an emergency response plan

    In order to minimise the extent of the damage incurred, it is of utmost importance to respond fast and adequately. Set up an emergency response plan, accessible to all residents to be well prepared. With HomeBeat.Live you can easily do so. The platform is accessible 24/7 over any browser or smartphone.

  2. Assess the situation correctly

    It’s always a good idea to have an emergency plan for your building. Leaving things to improvisation under stress is never a good thing. Think of different scenarios like fire, a major water leak or natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, etc.). Create simple action plans and make those centrally available.

  3. Cut the water supply

    You need to close the water valves immediately. Most people know where the water valves of their own appartment are. But what about the mains of the building? Where are those located and who has access? As a house-community you should also prepare for larger emergencies.

  4. Inform and organise help quickly

    Unprepared and in panic, people often respond badly to emergencies. With HomeBeat.Live informing your neighbours and property manager is at the press of a button. Even local emergency services can be listed in the platform and made easily accessible.

  5. Document the damage

    The quicker you inform your insurer adequately, the faster the damage can be fixed. You and your neighbours can easily add pictures and information on the platform from your mobile phones.

A house-community reports:

Summer 2017, extraordinary quantities of rainfall literally set Berlin under water. Numerous basements were flooded, impossible traffic jams and other havoc put the fire department under severe stress, only able to attend to the most pressing emergencies.

„Over HomeBeat.Live we called an emergency. Many neighbours responded and within 15 minutes we were able to address and avert most of the damage ourselves. We discussed the incident with our insurer who granted us a 10% discount on our premium.“Says Samuel Zeiler, board member of the owners council.

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