Why appreciation matters

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Appreciation and consideration

Society is getting rougher and is exposed to growing stress. The sense of community continues to erode, personal interest is at the centre of attention. Not a particularly positive development, yet clearly tangible. However, consideration & appreciation are the core of the solution to many social challenges, including co-living in apartment buildings and the relationship with property management.

Have you ever imagined the everyday life of your property manager? He's busy solving problems all day long, most of which you aren't even aware of as resident or owner. When calling the manager, it is usually about reporting additional issues or to complain. Hardly ever to say "thank you".

How many units does a property manager have to look after on average? The calculation is fairly easy: Gross salary of about 2800€ + 30% additional cost = 3640€, divided by 22€ in average per housing unit and month, results in 175 units, minimum. If we add an economic profit margin, fixed costs, holidays, etc. to this, it easily ads up to 300 units or about 12 to 15 buildings.

People are increasingly drawn to the cities. This translates into densification and increasingly scarce housing space. But it also means that the demand for property management is rising rapidly. Exactly there we face another problem : There is simply not enough trained junior staff around. Who would want to do the job anyway? A meager starting salary, lots of overtime (especially in the evening due to owners' meetings), constantly facing a mountain of issues to take care of and little appreciation in the job itself.

Appreciation binds people in a positive way and motivates them. Work becomes more enjoyable, commitment and quality increase.

In essence, owners of a condominium are primarily interested in ensuring that their building, often their most valuable asset, is well maintained so that its value is secured. In order to achieve this, it is important to reward good work accordingly, both on a monetary and inter-personal level.

Tip: You're satisfied with your property management? Write a positive review on Google. Since people are more likely to retaliate when dissatisfied, than to praise actively, evaluations of property managements are often more negative than they should. It just takes a few minutes and underpins a positive, long-term cooperation.

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